About FPL

Forum Plastics LLC is a precision medical and complex technical market mold developer and molder of engineered thermoplastics, insert molding and elastomers. Our operations run across three shifts, twenty-four hours. We specialize in components and assemblies with:

  • Complex geometries essential to the operation of medical devices or complex commercial products
  • Technically challenging injection molding, insert molding, or over-molding projects
  • Micro-molding with part sizes down to 0.1 inches and feature sizes down to 0.01 inches. We can execute on tolerances down to +/- 0.0005 inches
  • Standard and exotic resins including PEEK, Ultem, Radel, Noryl, nylon, polysulfone, polycarbonate, polyphthalamide, acrylic, PC/ABS blends, ABS, PBT and POMC. Many resins also include specialty additives to enhance performance such as PTFE, carbon fiber, glass fiber, silicon lubricants, gamma stabilizers and Barium Sulfate. Color blending and matching is another raw material offering.
  • Elastomeric and specialty TPE, TPU & TPV resins including Aliphatic Polycarbonate-based TPU.
  • Secondary operations including pad printing, assembly, ultrasonic welding and staking, drilling, and machining
  • Forum differs from most molders by focusing exclusively on the most critical portions of a device where our expertise in mold engineering and state-of-the-art molding processes is critical to the success of our customers’ projects. Our help is often sought early in the design stage to ensure timely, on-budget rollouts. Increasingly our customers ask us to oversee complete assemblies and key sub-assemblies including the sourcing of metal components, assembly, packaging, and inventory management.


The majority of Forum’s projects are in support of current and next-generation minimally invasive surgical devices including:

  • Endoscopic access ports and filters
  • Vein harvesting devices
  • Vascular infusion delivery systems
  • Cardiac catheter insertion devices
  • Endoscopic specimen retrieval for oncological procedures
  • Endoscopic and open staplers
  • Hernia repair devices including tackers, mesh delivery systems, and balloon expansion systems
  • Endoscopic clip application systems
  • Women’s health surgical devices
  • Next-generation powered MIS devices


Since our founding, Forum has set the standard for plastic and elastomer engineering in the medical device supply chain. To learn how we can help facilitate your new product please contact us through our contact page.

View our ISO 13485:2016 Certificate