Our fully air conditioned and epoxied floor injection molding environment is engineered for best practices. Machine layout is conducive to work flow with ample space for safe and effective operations. Machines are equipped with robotics and isolated resin drier systems to ensure there is not cross-contamination. Our machinery is well maintained on a preventative maintenance program, with a routine re-certification to OEM specifications. Our process chiller water is controlled by a free cooling closed loop system that by design is not in contact with outside contaminates. This prevents mold spores and ambient contaminates from contacting the critical mold water passages and machine heat exchangers. The glycol protected chiller water is also routinely inspected for proper PH levels and anti-rust inhibitors. FPL operates 38 injection molding machines, on a fully staffed three shift basis. View our sample components; Injection Molded and Insert Molded and Micro-Molded. View our sample Automated Molding Robotics